The greatest gift is a portion of yourself

I feel very privileged in having the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and getting to know them. The best way to gift me is by sharing your authentic self with me, your life experiences, your thoughts, and your aspirations. Ultimately, my interest in life is not about getting, it’s about becoming.

Gifts or gratuity are never expected. However, I greatly appreciate not only the gifts but especially the generous and thoughtful feelings that come along with them.


If you are considering a dinner date here are some restaurant options in San Francisco I’d love to try with you.
Scoma’s Restaurant – Seafood
Waterbar Restaurant – Seafood
Omakase – Japanese
Pabu – Japanese
Shizen – Vegan Japanese
Seven Hills – Italian

Weekend Getaway

If you are considering a Romantic Weekend Getaway here are some options I’d love to enjoy with you!
Hotel Wailea – Maui / Hawaii
Borealis Basecamp – Alaska
Ritz Carlton– Lake Tahoe
Post Ranch Inn – Big Sur
Silver City Resort – Sequoia National Park