Where do I even begin? I had been seeing all the great reviews, feedback and recommendations for Liz, but never in a million years would I have expected such an amazing experience. This was such an adventurous date with Liz that it makes me re-evaluate my 10/10 ratings scale.

Liz is smart, speaks perfect English and great to talk to. She is also one of the best providers I have seen. Incredible body, the smoothest skin possible and the epitome of a GFE

Liz brings the same intensity to 'companionship' that MJ brought to basketball. You can't break her. If you think you have nothing left in you, she will prove you wrong, and then prove you wrong again. She's a knockout with an hourglass figure and cute feet.

Off the Charts! Liz has the ability to arouse every nerve ending in your body. Her sublime touch and passionate embrace brings your body into a new dimension of exquisite pleasure. Time stops as you lose yourself in her magical presence.

I have seen this beautiful woman a goof number of times and each session it gets better and better! I am shocked on how something so amazing can be get more amazing! She is so beautiful from head to toe! Personality is beyond amazing. She is in a league of her own!

How do you describe Asian Perfection ! Her personality is gentle and pleasing . Her body is model perfect and stunning. You will not find a more sensual experience on this planet ! Liz is the most amazing woman you will ever meet!

I can't stress how badly I already want to see her again! Liz is an angel. She's like a warm embrace amid a sea of cold stares. I would almost call the encounter transcendent. I was in such a trance, I'd probably have taken to just about anything she told me to do.

She has an open, relaxing attitude that immediately puts you at ease and she aims to please you in every way possible and does it with a passionate touch. Don't know if it is even possible to ask for anything more.

After I walked into her apartment, she was standing there looking gorgeous. My heart almost stopped beating because she was that beautiful. Tall, fit, angel's face, and very nice breasts. We talked a lot about my life and her life. She was great at carrying the conversation, rather than answering with shallow and meaningless answers. I would definitely come back to see her.

She is the absolute real deal, an amazing woman who’s super sweet, down to earth and lots of fun all around! Not to mention drop dead gorgeous and cute at the same time!

She looks Japanese but can clearly also tell that she has the height and build of someone from South America. Just an awesome combination - tall and sexy as hell.

OK, I think I am still dreaming after just seeing Liz. She is absolutely amazing, and I believe the most beautiful woman in the world! And I don’t think she even realizes how amazing, gorgeous, and stunning that she is because she is so humble and sweet! I know I will never forget the time I got to spend with Liz for the rest of my life!