Brazilian-Japanese delicacy

A joyful Brazilian heart.

A deep ancient Japanese soul.

Have you ever wondered what would result from this exotic mix?

Going from one place to another or from one experience to another to see the unknown and discover more about the world and myself in many ways is what intrigues me.

I’m inspired by different ideas, attitudes, and experiences.

Learning by experimenting, exploring, and doing is one of my favorite things in life.

I believe life can always be beautiful if you are on the road to something meaningful.

And connecting genuinely with people is one of the ways I’ve found to hit this road.

One quote that speaks to my heart is from Sue Fitzmaurice, who said “You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong”.

Nourishing my heart with discoveries and adventures each new day is the way I intend my life to be.

Looking forward to having adventures with you!

Liz Miyaki

San Francisco
Exotic Model

Food: Japanese/Seafood

Drink: Water

Hobbies: Reading, meditation, travelling, hiking, working out, music at home or concert, surfing, swimming, cooking, dancing, family time, friends time, eating out.